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Blog :: 05-2017

Selling Your Home Soon? Rightsize Your Life Before You Do

rightsize your home

“Where will we put all of our stuff?”

      This is one of the foremost questions on homeowners’ minds when they’re making a move. Whether it’s a relocation from a suburban to a city environment, or downsizing for a more comfortable retirement, “stuff” can cast a big shadow. To lighten the burden before the big day, it can be helpful to “rightsize” for your move far in advance. Not only will rightsizing save you time, money, and energy as you transition to a new home, it can also help you learn how to evaluate what you really need versus what you’ve been hanging onto for no good reason.

If you’ve compared your current floor plan to your new one, you’ve probably already made the determination that some things must go. But how do you winnow the pile? Here’s a set of criteria you can use to rightsize your possessions:

1. Is this right for the weather? If you’ve lived in places with severe winters and you’re heading for a zero-snow climate, recognize what doesn’t fit and let it go.

2. Is this right for the lifestyle? Your massive outdoor grill and patio furniture may be a waste if you’re settling into a city high-rise. The same might even be said of a second car or recreational vehicle.

3. Is this expensive to move? Some items cost more to move than replace. This is especially true if the item forces you to upgrade the size of your moving truck.

4. Is this something I really use? If you’re in a storage space looking at stuff you haven’t touched in six months or a year, you probably don’t need to transport it to your new space.

5. Is this going to look out of place? Sometimes a new house will make old furnishings and objects seem tacky or trashy. Imagine where you’re going to move it and see if you can do without.

Once you’ve decided something should go, it’s a simple matter of deciding if it’s a “sell,” “donate,” or “ditch” item. While the income from selling items may be appealing, be sensitive to how much time you have before the move. If time’s short, gifting items to friends, charity, or even the dump is a reasonable way to go.

Ready to look for your rightsized home? Let me help.

Michael A. Pallares, Realtor & Listing Specialist,

mpallares55@gmail.com, (617) 899-3162

Are We Ready to Sell Our Home?

        At some point in your life you'll need or want to make a move. Job relocation, retiring to a warmer climate or simply downsizing. Whatever the reason, the first question you're sure to ask yourselves is "Are we ready to sell our home?" While the housing market might indicate that it's a good time to sell, the more important question to ask is whether or not you're comfortable doing it at all. Here are some questions many homeowners ask themselves before deciding to make the big move.

  1. Why Are We Selling Our Home At This Time? It's imperative for you to be clear in your intent. Are you hoping to derive a substantial profit on the sale? Are you relocating out of town for a new job? Downsizing? The answers to the "why" question can help determine the how, what and where of your next home purchase.
  2. Is Our Home Move-In Ready for Interested Buyers? If the interior paint is faded, the shingles are a bit off, the lawn hasn't been green since ABBA was hot and the bathroom is a mildew farm...then you need to jot down a list of improvements that will make a good first impression to any and all potential buyers.
  3. Is This The Right Time of Year to Sell Our Home? Historically speaking the months of April, May and June see a peak in home sales. The weather's great, the kids are just about to finish their school term and your garden has never looked better. If you have to sell at another time of the year, then the right marketing tactics you choose will help bring the right buyers to your door. Selling in the fall? Promote the idea of a "new home in the new year." Selling in the summer? Mention how the buyers can enjoy the in-ground pool as soon as they unpack. People need a home at all times of the year so don't stress about the "ideal" time to sell.
  4. Do We Really Need to Hire an Agent? Even in the hottest of seller's markets, there are factors involved in the sales and marketing of a home that you will want to leave to the professionals. An experienced Realtor will make the stress and worry of selling your home disappear. He or she will handle all aspects of the sale from determining the proper market value; producing marketing materials; handling all the contracts; negotiating the best sales price; ensuring the safety of your home during all showings; and, more importantly, sell your home for the best price in the shortest amount of time. 
  5. What Happens If We Sell The House Before I Buy a New Home? Whatever you do DO NOT put your home on the market until you have a transition plan. If all goes well and you have a great offer for your home, you don't want the lack of a plan to stop the sale. Can you stay with family if you sell before you buy? Have you researched short-term or month-to-month rentals to move into? The timing of your sale and transition solutions are issues that you should work out with your Realtor when you first decide to sell.

When you're ready to sell your home, give me a call. I can promise you a smooth transaction with little or no stress. The only question you'll have then is "Why didn't we call Michael sooner?" 



Michael A. Pallares

at Andrew Mitchell & Company

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