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It’s true what they say: there’s no second chance to make a good first impression. That said, taking these simple steps to get your home ready for a professional photo shoot will go a long way to ensure great photos that will engage potential buyers before they even step foot into your space.

·        Clean the windows & open the shades. Most buyers are attracted to sunny rooms so make sure your windows sparkle and that all your window treatments are open.

·        Even your plants need to look good. Droopy plants and yellow leaves don’t look great on any day but make certain to replace sad-looking greenery with vibrant plants to add a touch of nature indoors. No plants? Buy fresh flowers.

·        Stow away your clutter. From kitchen counters and book shelves to pantries and bathrooms, it’s always best to put everything away. We call it “pre-packing.”  You have to pack anyway, so take the time to concentrate first on removing items that might make your rooms look cluttered and cramped.

·        Wood floors? Stainless steel appliances? A top-to-bottom, thorough cleaning will pay off with compliments from the buyers. Polish those wood floors and buff those stainless-steel appliances until they gleam.

·        Freshen your bathrooms. Tuck away all your toiletries; scrub all the surfaces (don’t forget the tub!); hang clean, fluffy towels; and, putting a softly scented air freshener in place also helps.

·        Tuck in your bed covers. Nothing looks worse in photos than an untidy, wrinkled bed. If your bedspread has seen better days, invest in new linens and some pillows. It will be worth the expense.

·        Keep these items out of sight: Your decluttering efforts in preparation for the photo shoot should include the removal of pet food bowls, litter boxes, remote controls, fridge magnets, personal photos, piles of mail, children’s toys, magazines; and, shoes in the entryway.

·        Also pay attention to the exterior. On the day of the photo shoot you might want to park your car in front of the house. When the photographer is ready to shoot the front of the house, then simply move the car out of his or her view. Also, be sure to remove garbage cans at least until after the shoot is over. Check the walkway and front entrance and clear away leaves, debris and, after snowy weather, make certain to shovel out the front walkway.

For more advice about how to get your home market-ready, call or text me at (617) 899-3162.